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Stressed and expecting?

We've got you, mom.

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An Advisory Board

for Working Moms,

by Working Moms.

Hatchlings Hour is built for expecting moms whose vision of success includes career and family. We equip moms within 18 months of maternity leave with support and a community that gets them so they can see that anything is possible! This board has candid conversations about infant challenges, motherhood, and transitioning back to work after maternity leave. 

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You've heard of Instagram versus reality...

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...don't worry, you're only going to get authenticity with us.

In this Advisory Board, you'll have opportunities to be the mentor (the mom who's been through it) and the learner (the mom who's going through it). As a group of like-minded new and expecting moms, we deep dive into challenges with the goal of supporting and pushing each other to reach BOLD new heights with ZERO "mommy guilt." Our Board prides itself on confidentiality, authenticity, freedom, and open communication. 

Here are just a few of the topics we cover:


Work-Life Balance

The Morning Rush

Daycare Dilemmas

Quality Time

Breastfeeding & Pumping

Postpartum Health

Preparing for Mat Leave

Mommy Guilt

Me Time

Meet the Board Directors

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Courtney is a mom of 2 toddlers, ages 4 and 6, and works as a Director of Business Development for MarketSource.  Despite being a career-focused woman, it was difficult for her to prepare for Maternity Leave and even harder to return after 3 months.  Although she was excited to put on real clothes and have real conversations with fellow employees the idea of leaving her babies was difficult and created a lot of doubt about how to be a good mom and a good employee – how would she do it all?  Re-entry was difficult - kissing the babies goodbye, figuring out a pumping schedule, trusting someone else to watch the kids, and figuring out where to pick up work after being gone for 3 months was difficult and lonely. Now knowing the struggles new moms face, Courtney has worked to mentor other moms on their exit and return back to work and now is partnering with the Nest to help more moms out there!   



Carey is a mom of 3 beautiful children - Collin (11), Avery (9), and Carter (4) - and works at Harrison National Employment as Director of Sales. Carey was recently accepted into the Southeastern University Doctor of Education program specializing in Organizational Leadership. Over the next few years, her plan is to continue her educational journey while maintaining her successful career in staffing services, and most importantly being a mom to her 3 children. When she is not working Carey enjoys spending time with family, staying active, being outdoors, and traveling.

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Who says we can't do it all? I am excited to connect and help encourage other working mothers. It’s important to prioritize creating balance for yourself, so you can show up as your best version both at work and at home.


Mom of 3 & Hatchlings Board Director

Ready to join these women?

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