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Reach BOLD New Heights

with Nest by Revel Advisory Boards

Do you want to deep-dive into a challenge, but roadblocks, hesitations, and judgment amongst you & your colleagues slows down your progress? Advisory Boards are a valuable approach to problem-solving and allow you to go deep on a problem with confidentiality and confidence so you have a clear path forward after the meeting. 

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Principles that Guide Our Advisory Board Meetings

Our meetings are 100% confidential to provide safe harbors for Women in Leadership who need solutions without judgment or guilt. 

Our purpose is to formalize advice with focused input on topics that affect career results and success.

All board members go through an interview process to ensure there is an alignment of purpose, goals, and values on the board. 

We are committed to fostering a board culture that allows freedom, self-discovery, and healthy, open communication.  

We bring together


to support and push one another to live our biggest life. 

We host Advisory Boards in the following three niches:

Women in the C-Suite


This board is the secret weapon to retaining high-capacity female leaders at your company. We devise plans that help high-performing females embrace balance, efficiency, and joy without sacrificing career success or personal wellness.

Women in Sales Leadership Roles

Why go it alone when you’re faced with important, challenging decisions that need to be addressed…yesterday? This Board is designed for high-achieving women who are open to learning and sharing their knowledge to help others grow and achieve their goals. By creating a confidential space, Chief Revenue Officers (from non-competing industries) are open to explore the greatest opportunities and most pressing challenges in their organization. 

12 seats open for March 2023!


Women within 18-months Maternity Leave


Equip new and expecting moms with support and a community that gets them and they will see that anything is possible! This board has candid conversations about infant challenges, motherhood, and transitioning back to work after Maternity Leave. 

Women who desire Harmony between Career & Family

The process of self-growth and self-discovery never ends. That's why we serve women at all stages of career and motherhood to create long-lasting results that allow members to be present parents and successful businesswomen. 

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